Get organized so you can unleash your creativity!

Track your essential oil inventory and Organize, sort, search, group and filter your essential oils and recipes according to ingredients, benefits and safety.

Access records 24/7 from your desktop computer, smartphone, tablet.

Determine safe dilution rates with built-in drop calculator.

Customize the tool to meet your specific needs.

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AromAssistant - a game changing tool!

This dynamic tool organizes your aromatherapy inventory and favorite aromatherapy recipes. It is powered by Airtable, a free, easy-to-use online database accessible through your web browser or through an app on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Airtable allows you to customize AromAssistant and make it your own! Getting set up is easy—you’ll be blending and creating in no time!

Purchase AromAssistant now at a one-time cost of $5.00!

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“I love that there is a place to say where you found the recipe in case you need to go look for it or others! I love the dilution calc right there and when you add one you can date it! And what brand of oils used. LOVE the safety info included too! crying happy tears here!”

“I have been using this database for a while now just to see if it would really work for me in the long term. Formerly I was using Pinterest to save all my recipes but I have found that it is not very practical for me anymore due to the large volume I have pinned, and searching within Pinterest isn’t very practical.  I also have favorite recipes in print and book form and I really wanted a place to keep everything where I didn’t have to go around through different areas trying to find the recipes I wanted.”  

“This database has been such a huge gift to me.  I can put my recipes in and find them easily by type or benefit instead of looking through my books, emails, or Pinterest.  That alone has been a huge huge time saver for me.  I can also have max dilution rates and other safety info right there so I can always be sure that I am preparing product safely. I am so thankful for this program that has been created, and it has saved me so much time!” 


Q. Can I use the app on any device?

A. Yes! The beauty of Airtable as a platform is that once you create an account ON YOUR COMPUTER using our link and download the AromAssistant file, all your information is available simultaneously on your computer, mobile phone and tablet. All you do to make it available is download the Airtable app for your mobile devices and there’s your info!

Q. Why can’t I download the app with my phone or tablet rather than have to use my computer?

A. For reasons beyond our control, using mobile devices to copy the AromAssistant base has resulted in error messages for users. We have been working with Airtable to resolve this issue. No problems have been reported for those signing up on computers.

Q. Is the $3.99 a monthly subscription or a one-time cost?

A. It is a one-time cost.

Q. Can you provide more details about features of the app?

A. The app has five distinct parts: a place to keep your raw material inventory, a place to house your recipes, a drop calculator, and a place to collect references or resources. The fifth part allows you to cross reference essential oils and recipes by their specific uses.

Q. I understand this app is powered by Airtable. I don’t want to pay any subscription fees.

A. Airtable is free as long as you stay under 1,200 records per base.

Q. How does the drop calculator work?

A. The drop calculator is based on Aromahead Institute‘s guidelines for safe use of essential oils (5-6 drops per ounce for 1% dilution). You enter your variables (oz. or mL, quantity, dilution rate) and the number of drops is provided.

Q. Is AromAssistant populated with recipes or do I just enter my own?

A. We have included several recipes as examples of how the fields work, but it is primarily a place for you to collect your favorites.

Q. Can I make changes to AromAssistant if there’s something more I want to include or a field I want to change?

A. Absolutely! That’s the beauty of using Airtable as the platform. It is easily modified to meet your specific needs.

Q. Is this a reference app or just someplace to store your own information?

A. It is designed to hold YOUR oil inventory information so becomes a reference app. It is not pre-populated with reference information for two reasons: 1) there is a lot of information out there and I didn’t want to be responsible for fact-checking every source. It would have made the app VERY expensive. 2) I developed this while doing my certification program with Aromahead Institute and found it very helpful to enter my own info so I could learn about the oils. As a long-time educator, I’m always interested in helping people learn and one of the best way to do that is to collect and organize your own information.